1 = literate, cultivated, educated, well educated [well-educated], highbrow [high-brow], highbrow [high-brow], cultured, refined.
Ex. Unsupported by any other teaching methods, browsing is not, of course enough to make children into literate readers.
Ex. So the narrator's style has to be articulate, cultivated, correct, steady.
Ex. This impressive work, which serves educated adults and serious students, intends to be a comprehensive, authoritative compendium of the world's most important knowledge and information.
Ex. This class is conservative in politics, aristocratic in social affairs, and characteristically well-bred, well-educated, well-housed, and well-heeled.
Ex. The lowly chow of the rural poor has gone highbrow.
Ex. People with a grade-school education, most of whose reading choices are in the low-brow category, cannot and do not easily read material written for the high-brow or even the increasingly college-trained middle-brow.
Ex. She is not just lissome and beautiful, but also cultured, artful, expressive, and energetic.
Ex. At that time, the Europeans were quite definitely the barbarians, whereas the Arabs were considered refined and civilised.
* menos cultos, los = less literate, the.
* poco culto = unenlightened.

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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